Hi-CUBE Reefer Lead

The Maxi-CUBE roll back system gives you more flexibility and makes unloading simple. The Maxi-CUBE Hi-CUBE Reefer Lead Van uses a reliable and proven rack and pinion mechanism driven by a hydraulic motor to shift trailer body ready for loading/unloading, while the hydraulic system lifts the body weight off the rollers when set in forward position to extend roller life.

The Hi-CUBE uses the same techniques and high performance insulation as a Maxi-CUBE Reefer. The difference is your choice of height and length requirements thanks to thinner side walls, floor and roof optimising your cubic capacity, useful for when the load is slightly over standard pallet size.

Main Applications: Small goods, frozen meats, frozen food, chilled produce, dairy and other temperature sensitive freight.

All Maxi-CUBE Classic Hi-Cube Reefer trailers are backed by MaxiTRANS’ national dealer and service support network.

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*Actual thermal performance will depend on ambient conditions and the refrigeration plant fitted

Key Specifications (nominal)

  • Overall Height: 4,300mm
  • Internal Length: 7,150mm
  • Internal Width: 2,416mm
  • Internal Height: 2,640mm

Various dimensions are available upon request

  • Full width skid plate
  • Stainless steel rear corner castings
  • Stainless steel external lock-rod door hardware
  • Double rear doors
  • Fully-moulded door seal
  • Your choice of preferred body mounted refrigeration plant
  • High profile or flat distribution aluminium floors

To find out how we can help you with the right solution for your business, contact your nearest MaxiTRANS dealer.