Blue Tippers SEQ Adopts Tipperless Solution

Blue Tippers SEQ Trout River Australia rigid truck body

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Tony Singh of Blue Tippers SEQ explains the benefits and reasoning behind the company’s acquisition of brand-new Trout River rigid body units, which demonstrate greater outcomes in terms of efficiency and safety due to its ability to unload contents without the need to tip.

Blue Tippers SEQ is as local as they come. Situated in the heart of Queensland, the asphalt cartage company has grown its capabilities and fleet organically.

Mainly servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Blue Tippers SEQ has contributed to major infrastructure projects such as the Logan Motorway and the Gold Coast Airport.

Back in 2018, Tony Singh finalised his search for the next generation of bulk transport trailers, a search to find a suitable alternative to conventional tipping trailers.

“Sometimes if there’s road works up in the tunnels, we can have difficulties tipping material up. Sometimes we’re only able to unload around half of the load due to the limited space,” Singh says.

“There weren’t many other companies out there at the time that were making these types of units.”

Conveyor belt truck trout river australia


Singh says the search for a safer alternative led to the discovery of Trout River’s Live Bottom units, through local dealer Trailer Sales.

Trout River’s Live Bottom Trailers and Rigid units utilise an interior conveyor belt system to ensure that operators are able to have versatility for loads, particularly in environments with low structures and overhead obstacles.

“The ‘conveyor floor’ helps to make unloading easier and safer because there is no tipping and lifting; you’re using a conveyor belt straight into the machine,” Singh says.

“The other benefit is that when we’re doing streets near residential areas, with powerlines above us, it can be a big responsibility for a spotter and the driver. Usually, it’s all on the spotter to check how high the bin is, you’re relying on him. With the belt driven floor, we know it’s going to be easier and safer.”

Replacing conventional tipping is one of the benefits of using Trout River’s Live Bottom units.

Roger Miller, Bulk Equipment Sales specialist at Trailer Sales has been Singh’s main contact ever since the purchase of the first Trout River unit. He says the specialised units are perfectly suited to the company’s needs and requirements.

“Trout River’s Live Bottom unit is one of the few systems of its kind in Australia,” he says. “These things are built to run seven days a week, 24 hours a day.”

Asphalt truck transport body trout river australia


Miller adds that the units can be tailored and customised individually, ensuring they can cater for industry applications and specifications.

“You’re also able to purchase additional attachments such as chip spreaders, side chutes and more. We’re always looking to innovate because we want to make sure the equipment is continually evolving with the needs of our customers,” he said.

The trailers are available in 33-foot and 31-foot Tri-Axle Semis and 28-foot and 26-foot Tandem Axle Semis.

Blue Tippers SEQ has four Trout River rigid body units, with another two coming in the next few months. Such has been the success of these rigid body units, Singh is now considering removing tippers from his existing fleet entirely upon the delivery of the remaining two Trout River units.

Like every other company that purchases Trout River equipment, Blue Tippers SEQ receives support from MaxiTRANS’ national dealer and service support network. Using the Trailer Sales facility in Rocklea, Queensland as a base for its servicing and parts needs.

“It’s not just about selling something to someone, it’s also about that backup service. That relationship goes beyond just sales, service and parts,” Miller says.

Singh says the support of MaxiTRANS and local dealer Trailer Sales has been a contributing factor in the acquisition of the additional units. Incorporating international best practice, every Trout River product is manufactured and designed locally here in Australia.

“They’ve got the knowledge and they’re continually working to improve every unit as well along the way. They’ve talked to us about what could be removed or added.”

“It’s easier on the driver too because tippers involve more manual work to clean and roll. You can sometimes be in there for hours trying to clean asphalt when it goes cold. As the live bottom is just a conveyor belt, even if the asphalt is cold, it still comes out nice and smooth, it doesn’t stick.”

Miller says the features represent the latest safety technology available, with the live bottom designed to negate everyday risks associated with asphalt works.

trout river australia truck body live bottom


“As soon as you open the tailgate, there’s flashing lights to ensure that both the driver and the spotters around the vehicle know that the door is opening. There’re also audio cues to alert bystanders, which is especially useful during night-time works,” Miller says.

“The great thing about Trout River units is the focus on safety. When you’re working with asphalt for roadworks, you’re usually working around overhead power lines. There’s also the risk of tipping trailers over as well.”

Singh says having Trout River units is also contributing to Blue Tippers SEQ’s success in tendering for contracts for future works.

“These are what the companies want, they’re looking for operators utilising ‘conveyor floors’. It’s also easier to find drivers for these machines,” he says.

“They’re a great looking piece of equipment too. Often people will ask where we got these units from and our operators love them. Between the body design and the colour combination, they look really attractive on the road, and we get great feedback.”