Retractable Skel

The Retractable Skel offers operators outstanding versatility, manoeuvrability and ease of unloading, and is designed to provide a range of carrying options.

With 3 positions of operation, the Retractable Skel offers the convenience of added flexibility to your fleet with carrying various sizes of containers with the one trailer.

Fully Extended: To carry either 2x20ft containers or 1x40ft container (up to 26 tonnes payload with 20 tonnes gross on the tri-axle). At the rear, the container is supported by convenient fold-up pedestals and can be unloaded by reversing into a loading dock.

Semi-Extended: To carry up to 23 tonne, 20ft container at 20 tonne gross on the tri-axle, with the container mid-way on the trailer.

Retracted: Used to unload a 20ft container at a loading dock. When extended the large overlap between the front and rear sections ensures adequate strength.

All backed by MaxiTRANS’ national trailer, parts and service dealer network.

Key Specifications (nominal)

  • Low friction sliding pads
  • Rocker foot landing legs
  • Swinging tyre carrier
  • Rear splash guards
  • Auto slack adjusters
  • Configuration: Available in Single and B-Double combinations
  • Performance-based Standard (PBS) configurations available
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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