Load Hold

As the system is built into the load restraint curtains the Freighter Load Hold trailer does away with the need for conventional load restraint gates.

Load Hold has been developed through the combined use of innovative features including the Freighter non-slip buckle, safe load webbing and a flexible anti-wear roller.

The great benefit of this Freighter design is that it meets the Side Load Restraint Guidelines for many types of loads, removing the need for traditional load restraint devices.

It has been tested to meet NTC Load Restraint Guidelines with a unitised load of 1,400kg per pallet space for common loads and up to 2.0 tonne per pallet space with load specific Freighter Engineering approval.

Key Specifications (nominal)

  • Length: 13,640mm
  • Galvanised steel external lock-rod door hardware
  • Double rear doors
  • 3mm chequer plate floor
  • Non-slip buckle
  • Rocker foot landing legs
  • Dual swinging tyre carrier
  • Configuration: Available in Single, B-Double and Road Train combinations, in either Straight or Drop Deck configurations
  • Performance-based Standard (PBS) configurations available
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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