Auto Mezz Deck

Quick and Quiet

Freighter’s engineering know how has translated into the design of an electro-hydraulic Automated Mezz Deck solution for it's range of T-liners, which is fast, reliable and extremely quiet. And it all works at the push of a button.

Designed to simplify the loading process of mezzanine decks, the automated design expedites loading times by removing need to manually adjust corner saddles and use a forklift to adjust the height of the deck.

Speedier loading times for operators, improving productivity by not having to raise and lower mezzanine decks with a forklift.

No loss of space

A dominant feature of Freighter’s Auto Mezz Deck design is that it occupies no further space than a standard mezzanine deck, achieved by keeping posts at the same width to those on a manual deck. What's more, there is no loss of aperture height clearance when the mezzanine deck is fully lowered.


Spring actuated locks are integrated into the product as a ‘fail-safe’ feature. The spring loaded deck locks mean that there is no chance of the decks slipping down further than intended when raising and lowering. Upon releasing the controls, the deck automatically locks itself into the next available position, increasing safety.

The Auto Mezz Deck is available to order across all Freighter® Tautliner® and Maxi-CUBE® Slide-A-Side models.

All backed by MaxiTRANS’ national trailer, parts and service dealer network.

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Features & Benefits

  • Automated design removes the need for a forklift, expediting loading times
  • No loss of aperture height clearance when fully lowered
  • Automatically locks itself into the next available position when operating, increasing safety
  • Lock indicators installed on all four corners of the deck allow the operator to see when locks are engaged.