Truck Body & Dog Tipper

If you're looking for high performance and high payload a Hamelex White truck body and dog tipper trailer (truck body and dog) won't let you down. Uncompromising and built to work, the Hamelex White range of truck body and dog tippers deliver every time.

All Hamelex White Dog tipper trailers are built in chassis tipper configuration. The standard range consists of 3 and 4 axle trailers, however 5 and 6 axle configurations are available to suit road train or PBS applications.

Main Applications: Bulk products including grain, quarry and paving applications.

All Hamelex White truck body and dog tipper trailers are backed by MaxiTRANS’ national dealer and service support network.

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Key Specifications (nominal)

Truck Body

  • Body length: 4,000mm up to 7,800mm
  • Body height: 900mm up to 2,350mm
  • Cubic capacity: ~8m3 up to ~45.5m3

Dog Tipper

  • 3, 4, 5 & 6 axle configurations
  • Body length: 5,900mm up to 11,000mm
  • Body height: 900mm up to 2350mm
  • Cubic capacity: ~12m3 up to ~63.1m3
  • Lightweight aluminium body construction
  • Tailgate spreader chains
  • One way externally hinged tailgate
  • Grain Door
  • Tailgate locks
  • Aluminium wheels
  • Duomatic and Triomatic service couplings
  • Single or split rear pivot pin

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