An Outstanding Show of Support for Mental Health Awareness


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MaxiTRANS announces that it has raised over $19,000 for ‘R U OK?’. The Company once again committed to donating 1% of transactions on ’R U OK? Day’, as well as a number of activities earlier in the year contributing to this outstanding show of support for suicide prevention.

MaxiTRANS and its staff, in conjunction with our longest standing dealer partner Mildura Truck Centre, joined together to support this great cause, with 1% of the purchase price from all new trailers, truck bodies ordered, and parts purchased from participating outlets.

This year, MaxiTRANS, commissioned a Freighter T-Liner semi-trailer with ‘R U OK?’ branded curtains - sponsored by Fleetmark. The trailer will continue to create awareness for ‘R U OK?’ throughout the year.

A company-wide campaign was held on the day for its staff, which included donations, wearing yellow, taking time out to ask each other about their own welfare, as well as internally promoting discussion around mental health prevention. Sites also had speakers sharing personal experiences about their own mental health.  

This year brings MaxiTRANS’ total donation to almost $45,000, since its first ‘R U OK? Day’ campaign in September 2017.

MaxiTRANS R U OK? Day 2
MaxiTRANS conducted a company-wide campaign for its employees, which included staff making donations, wearing yellow and internal events at every company site, promoting discussion around mental health prevention.

‘R U OK? Day’ is held every September and encourages people to TRUST THE SIGNS and ask friends, colleagues and family members ‘R U OK?’ to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.

MaxiTRANS Managing Director and CEO, Dean Jenkins, said that “’R U OK? Day’ is a national day of action to empower us to ask, ‘Are you okay?’

Furthermore, Dean said that MaxiTRANS is committed to improving safety for both our customers and our staff.  “This is why we are actively involved with many Industry bodies driving the safety agenda for all of our customers and the greater road users. We place significant emphasis on safety at all our facilities. MaxiTRANS has been especially proud of delivering a 48% reduction in the Total Injury Frequency Rate over the past 12 months. Safety is a fundamental driver not only in the development of all of our products but it also extends through one of our company values to “Send all our people home safely”.  Safety today whether it be at home or at work,is not just physical it includes mental wellbeing. Which is why in addition to the mental awareness campaign, MaxiTRANS also makes professional services available to our staff and families as part of ongoing support.”

“Most importantly, we should not limit suicide prevention to one day a year,” he continued. “If you see someone struggling, at any time, ask them ‘R U OK?’”.

If you or someone you know is in need of crisis or suicide prevention support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit .