Meet Ankit Mistry - Building Efficiencies for Trout River

Ankit Mistry Trout River MaxiTRANS at Hallam

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After the Covid lockdowns, the reopening of freedoms to move around unmasked, to enjoy meals in restaurants and to freely mix in the community were welcomed, after the Pandemic wrought uncertainty and havoc across Australia. Much of the nation’s manufacturing and engineering endeavours had continued through the pandemic trying to plan, challenged by the unpredictability of component and material supply necessary, so the wheels of industry kept turning.

During these months of pandemic hangover, in mid 2022, Ankit Mistry took a position as Purchasing and Logistics Manager with MaxiTRANS at the Trout River facility at Hallam in Victoria.

Bringing 12 years’ experience in the trailer industry, Ankit had a grip on the procurement and supply side of trailer manufacture. The problem that Ankit had to solve was the random supply of components and materials from the supply chain and unpredicted increases in pricing that made the maintenance of profitability challenging.

Ankit, with a smile on his face and the bite in his teeth, settled into his new position, working with new work colleagues and, most of all, solving the erratic nature of procurement.

Ankit Mistry was born and grew up in India. He obtained a degree in mechanical engineering in India and then worked for a multinational company for eight years. However, he sought a future across the ocean and in 2009 came to Australia on a 189 skilled visa.

Today he has a family in Australia and a 14-year-old son.

Coming to Australia under the storm clouds of the global financial crash brought difficulties in finding a position.

“I struggled when I came here with the GFC. It was hard to find a job in the field,” he says.

The wheels of fortune turned, and in 2010 Ankit was employed in trailer manufacturing where he stayed for 12 years.

It was off the back of the Pandemic that he came to MaxiTRANS working with the Trout River product. Taking up his position, he faced challenges, but his enthusiasm carried him through.

“How to get the correct price and the correct product on time” was his main challenge.

Trout River Procurement Manager Ankit Mistry


He set about trying to fill the gaps in procurement and supply. With an open approach to the role, Ankit had freedom to look at the issues as on a clean sheet of paper.

Ankit introduced policies and systems to smooth out the supply system. He developed the new systems as self-driven processes that required minimal supervision. He spoke with component and material suppliers to find solutions.

Component supply for the Live Bottom Trout River product is complex and quality is of utmost importance. The specialised trailers supply and unload bulk material without the need for tipping, reducing the chance of a rollover on uneven terrain. While Live Bottom rigid units are ideal for bulk situations in tight delivery points and urban construction.

The Trout River product line finds most application in roading and construction.

This complexity of componentry makes efficient supply lines to the Trout River facility of greatest importance and has kept Ankit Mistry busy.

He says flexibility in the MaxiTRANS workplace is a positive thing.

“We have great supporting people here. There are great policies in place - work related policies, safety policies and environmental properties. People are friendly and help each other out. They work together, think as a group,” he says. “Work colleagues say ‘we did it’ not ‘I did it’ when there is a success in the business.”

Ankit Mistry Trout River MaxiTRANS


Ankit agrees that MaxiTRANS is a great company to work for. He says, as an immigrant, the workplace absolutely accepted him.

With a variety of different Trout River products being manufactured here in Hallam and travelling to a range of worksites across Australia, Ankit says it is important that factory staff support sales and maintenance so that we collectively look after our customers and their business operation. And, he says, that is the way it is with MaxiTRANS.

“The business is very healthy at the moment and I’m proud to be part of this Group.”