MaxiTRANS Boosts Manufacturing Efforts to Support Increased Demand for New Equipment

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Despite the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on many industries, MaxiTRANS has moved ahead with plans to increase its production to support the uplift in demand for its leading semi-trailer brands. The company is seeking to fill approximately 60 roles across its Victorian and Queensland manufacturing facilities to meet market demand and support this growth.

MaxiTRANS has seen an increase in demand for new equipment over the recent period and is looking to recruit in a range of roles to support the uplift.

“The support of our customers during these challenging times has been fantastic, while there will still be difficult times ahead, it is great to see confidence in and support of local manufacturing show positive signs of growth in the short term,” said Dean Jenkins, MaxiTRANS CEO & Managing Director.

While Government support programs, like JobKeeper and the Accelerate Depreciation Incentive, have allowed Australian businesses like MaxiTRANS to keep operations going, the increased demand for new equipment is a demonstration that there is an increased confidence from some sectors of our economy. Additionally, it also comes off the back of improved rainfall across many parts of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia which has too been a catalyst for increased demand for tipper product across these regions.

“It is fantastic to see many regional and rural areas, which have been ravished by extended drought over recent years, seeing better rainfall in the lead up to this year’s harvest season,” said Dean. “We have had a number of our customers discuss their tipper needs much earlier than usual to ensure they have the equipment they need, which really shows a boost in confidence for the agriculture sector.”

Despite the challenges that the ongoing pandemic is presenting for many industries, especially as Melbourne enters tougher Stage 4 restrictions, MaxiTRANS is looking to keep up with the overall increase in demand by filling approximately 60 roles across two of its manufacturing facilities in Ballarat, Victoria and Richlands, Queensland. Of these, approximately 70% are at our Ballarat facility in regional Victoria, which is a real positive for jobs in the rural community. The varied roles and employment opportunities the company is seeking to fill include qualified welders, painters and labourers. What’s more, this recruitment drive also presents the opportunity for up to 15 apprentices to join the company’s apprenticeship program.

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“We have already been able to fill a number of roles within the manufacturing business over recent weeks, which is especially great as some of these roles were filled by people who had been recently displaced due to COVID-19 restrictions,” said Dean. “This latest recruitment drive is another demonstration of our on-going commitment to our customers and the wider transport industry. Our customers can have great confidence that we are here to support them as much as they are here to support local Australian manufacturing.”

While MaxiTRANS is looking to add more people to its team, the company wants to reassure new members that it places great emphasis on the safety of all of its people and is following strict COVID-19 guidelines to maintain the health and well-being of all members of the MaxiTRANS family.

“I would like to take this opportunity to again thank all of our customers, employees and suppliers for their on-going support throughout what has really been a challenging year,” said Dean. “While there are still tough times ahead, we have seen just how important this industry is for our community and Australian manufacturing. I encourage those seeking new opportunities within our business to get in touch while we seek to fill these roles.”

“At MaxiTRANS, all our employees pride themselves on knowing they play a vital role. Particularly at this time, it is about providing the support and access to equipment our customers need so they can get on with doing what they do best and delivering the needs of the nation”, said Dean.