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MaxiTRANS, via its wide-ranging bulk transport application portfolio which includes Trout River Australia, Hamelex White, Lusty EMS and AZMEB, drives efficiency, safety and reliability within the infrastructure and construction sector.

The movement of bulk products from site to site is one area that has been growing steadily. In Victoria for example, the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources predicts the level of demand will exceed 100 million tonnes in bulk product per year by the year 2050. It’s within this landscape that MaxiTRANS provides a diverse and ample range of support.

According to MaxiTRANS General Manager – Products and Markets, Kevin Manfield, the market for trailers such as side tippers and live bottom units is often project driven with operators needing specialised equipment to meet the requirements of specific contracts.

“MaxiTRANS is committed to providing customers with safer, more efficient and reliable transport solutions,” Kevin says. Certainly, productivity improvement is important but this needs to be balanced with the overriding need for safe operation which is always front and centre in our minds across all of our products.” Adding that MaxiTRANS is able to cater for the diverse needs within the sector thanks to its extensive product offering.

One example of a safer, more efficient and reliable product offered by MaxiTRANS is the specialised Trout River Australia Live Bottom trailer.

Trout River Live Bottom trailer

 “The capability to empty content using an interior conveyor belt system, optimises the unloading process. This provides a safer alternative in bulk transport applications by being able to unload in environments with low structures or overhead obstacles, as well as on unstable ground,” says Rodney Wells, General Manager of Trout River Australia. “The trailers are also reliably efficient, unloading in up to 2 minutes. Which can certainly add to a business’ bottom line if operators are completing multiple runs in a day.”

Also available on the Trout River product is a range of attachments to support applications, including a Live Bottom Patching Unit for improved access for maintenance purposes and keeping load to appropriate temperatures.

Rodney adds that the attachments are particularly versatile and useful in a variety of weather conditions.

He goes on to say the trailers can operate in a wealth of different working environments transporting a variety of bulk materials.

“With asphalt and rock on a 32-foot trailer if you’re running higher mass limits (HML) you can typically get somewhere between 29 and 30 tonne payload,” Rodney says.

“To help customers get the most out of their equipment, Kevin says that MaxiTRANS believes in partnering to create tailored solutions which suit customer requirements in order to optimise their individual productivity, while providing on-going support for our customers via the national MaxiTRANS Dealer Network to maximise uptime throughout the life of the product.