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Finding a wealth of experience and knowledge is becoming a very hard to find, but when it is found in long term team members like Greg Brown, you harness every bit of it

When Greg first visited the Freighter Manufacturing Facility in Ballarat, Victoria, in 1985, he was certainly unaware that it would start a career spanning more than 30 years with the Company.

During his visit, Greg was told the 500 tonne press was broken down. With previous experience as the Mechanical Maintenance Engineer at a coal mine in the LaTrobe Valley, he jumped at the chance to see if he could fix the issue. Locating the problem, he went on to fix the machine in no time. Amazed by Greg’s ability, the Company offered him a position as the Plant Maintenance Engineer and as they say, “the rest is history.”

MaxiTRANS Greg Brown

Greg Brown has enjoyed a career at MaxiTRANS spanning more than 30 years.

Over the years, Greg’s role has taken many forms. In the late 1980’s, he was promoted to Engineering Manager working alongside Ivan Tarrant and Hugh Lees to develop some of the most innovative products at the time. This included the first curtain-sided trailer introduced to the Australian market, as well as, the Airmax trailer suspension, both of which are common place in the industry to this day.

When Freighter and Maxi-CUBE merged in 1998 to become MaxiTRANS, the Freighter name continued as one of the Company’s leading trailer brands.

“I’ve seen trailers grow from 41ft (12.5m) flat tops, to some incredible lengths through the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme,” Greg recalls. “20 pallet trailers were very popular during the 1980’s, however you will very rarely see these now.” Adding that the drive for productivity, along with customisation to suit specific freight tasks, are part of the reasons why customers did then and continue to come to MaxiTRANS for their transport solutions.

One of Greg’s proudest achievements during his time with MaxiTRANS is the development of the roll back system used on Maxi-CUBE lead trailers. The system uses a reliable and proven rack and pinion mechanism, driven by a hydraulic motor. This innovative system lifts the body off the rollers when set in the forward position, extending roller life and durability.

MaxiTRANS Greg Brown

Greg inspects a Freighter trailer on the assembly line at MaxiTRANS’ manufacturing facility in Ballarat, Victoria.

In September this year, Greg was awarded a Life Membership with the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Associate (ARTSA) at a Gala dinner held in Melbourne. “I am extremely grateful to have received this award, being recognised certainly makes me proud to be part of this industry.” Greg said. Adding that over the years in the industry he has formed strong bonds with a lot of people.

To be awarded a Life Membership with ARTSA, recipients are measured against a set criteria

  • Outstanding contribution to ARTSA. Members who have distinguished themselves through their dedication to drive ARTSA’s change programs and for their personal efforts to achieve a better outcome for the Road Transport industry.
  • Significant supporter of ARTSA and its advocacy. Nominees from regulatory bodies and similar associations, have also demonstrated a collaborative and inclusive style towards stakeholders and, in the eyes of ARTSA and its members have helped to shape a better outcome for the industry.
  • Game changers. Who through their innovation, passion and subject matter expertise, have been able to shift the paradigm of safety or productivity predominantly through their own ingenuity.
  • Have an interest in maintaining a continuing active association with ARTSA.

Looking to the future, Greg is extremely committed and very passionate about the work he does. “I will continue to do whatever I can for the betterment of the Company to provide the industry with safe, efficient and reliable transport solutions. MaxiTRANS is great place to work, full of great people and great customers. My heart and soul is with the Company,” said Greg.