Schifferle Invests in Quality and Efficiency with Lusty EMS

Schifferle Freight Services Lusty EMS Tipper Trailers

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Schifferle Freight Services owner and MD Stuart Schifferle shares his experience with MaxiTRANS and the Lusty EMS brand since he first started using trailers from the Company in 2018.

Founded by Stuart Schifferle around 25 years ago, Schifferle Freight Services, formally known as Berrigan Hay Logistics, is a farming and trucking business based in country New South Wales. The transport business started out of a need to cart hay and straw out of the family farm in the grain-growing region of NSW. Stuart bought a truck and trailer combination to start with and as the need to cart more hay emerged, he bought more B-double combinations. Assisting him today in the family business are his son Jackson Schifferle and son-in-law Kyle Hawker.

In 2018, Stuart bought his first set of Freighter trailers and happy with the quality, reliability and efficiency of the trailers, and also the customer service of the MaxiTRANS team, he bought a few more.

“We cart 10 B-doubles full of hay, straw and grain every day. We also do straw delivery to a mushroom grower in Sydney every week – carting at least three to four B-Doubles. We have a range of trucks and over 50 pieces of trailing equipment. Ten of those trailers are from MaxiTRANS including Lusty EMS Stag B-doubles that we bought in 2020, another Lusty EMS B-double set that we can also use as a road train, also bought in 2020, two sets of tri axle dollies, and a set of used drop deck Freighter T-liners that are 10-years old but working as new,” Stuart says.

Schifferle Freight Services has a number of Lusty EMS trailers in their fleet including Stag B-doubles, Chassis Tippers and Tri-axle dollies


“I bought my first set of Freighter trailers for a straw job in 2018. It is a good combination that I had custom-built for hay cartage. The beauty of the trailer is that when we have finished unloading the delivery, we can load the A trailer on the B trailer with the help of hydraulic hooks and drive it back home as a single setup. We can also lift the B axles off the back so we only have two axles on the road instead of six. The B trailer being like that can also carry more bales of hay for us, which is another plus.”

“Lusty EMS trailers are great in terms of quality. They use good quality axles and suspension. MaxiTRANS offer a wide range of features – you can get anything you want on these trailers,” Stuart says.

“Lusty EMS trailers are strong but light on weight. They are built to have a light tare weight so you can add more pay-load on them. The rollover tarp system is good and the trailers are easy to operate in general. They are good value for money too.”

The business transports hay, straw and grain to many regions every day, putting its trust in Australian-made Lusty EMS trailers to do the job


Apart from the quality and efficiency of Lusty EMS trailers, Stuart also appreciates that they are Australian-made trailers and offer a huge variety for customers to suit different needs. “MaxiTRANS is a big enough manufacturer so in terms of volume, they are able to get a lot done pretty quickly. I believe this is also one of the reasons we have so far been able to get the trailers in a more timely manner. The other reason is that the MaxiTRANS team is very approachable and accommodating. I have known Ian Kelly for a long time and he has always been able to help me out with trailers to suit my specific business needs.”

“Ian and the team are also quick with problem-solving. If we have an issue we can get it to them and they can have it sorted fast. They are very good at resolving issues and looking after you. We’ve not had any problems with any trailers to date but the customer service we have been getting from MaxiTRANS since our first purchase assures us that we will be taken care of in case of any issue.”