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Since 1972, Maxi-CUBE has led the refrigerated and dry freight transport equipment market in Australia. Its quality benchmark, manufacturing innovations, and the use of modern techniques have assured Maxi-CUBE is the first choice for refrigerated transport solutions for operators of all sizes. One such business is Sydney-based transport and engineering specialist, Multiquip, that trusts Maxi-CUBE trailers for its refrigerated transport needs.

Maxi-CUBE is known for its unflinching drive towards quality and performance. Its in-house manufactured insulation foam, superior wall panel construction and manufacturing technologies, deliver class leading thermal efficiency for its range of refrigerated vans. Its customers feel the same.

“Our work in the food transport industry means our operations have to run very smoothly and without delay all the time. We need reliable and quality products to deliver good service and that’s what we get from our Maxi-CUBE trailers. The quality of these trailers is so good that we’re still using the used trailers that we bought over 10 years ago. Our newer models are just as good. They use the safest, most updated equipment which makes the quality of the end product really good. Everything is up to scratch when you take delivery of these trailers,” Daniel Mikosic says.

Daniel is Multiquip’s General Manager of Maintenance while also looking after allocation of work in New South Wales and Queensland. He is the younger of the two brothers working in the business, with his older brother, Jason Mikosic, working as the General Manager of the company along with their parents Steve and Lucy Mikosic, who founded the company in 1984.

Maxi-CUBE Trailer Vans Refrigerated Multiquip

Coming from a poultry farming background, Steve and Lucy saw the need for specialised transport services dedicated to their industry. Nearly forty years on, Multiquip runs a diverse portfolio with divisions ranging from transport, engineering, trailer manufacturing to all poultry industry needs. The transport division currently operates around 300 trucks and 300 trailers.

With its head office at Austral in Sydney’s west, Multiquip runs operations across Brisbane, Tamworth, Newcastle, Sydney, Picton, Griffith, Goulburn and Adelaide. Its operations include live chicken pick up and transport, delivering feed to farms, and transport of eggs and processed chicken from its hatchery to different sites using 25 Maxi-CUBE refrigerated trailers, manufactured by MaxiTRANS.

“We’ve been buying from MaxiTRANS for a long time. We got our first Maxi-CUBE refrigerated trailer around 15 years ago. It was a used trailer, which is what we started out with. Now we buy all new trailers, recently taking delivery of another new Maxi-CUBE trailer.”

“Last year, we purchased some specialised quad axles trailers, which are bigger than the usual tri axle trailers. These 26-pallet PBS (Performance-Based Standards) trailers can accommodate larger than normal payload, which is good for our customers as they can move more product with one truck at one time. The trailers are good, they are performing well and the quality is great too, which made us order two more that are due to arrive later this year,” Daniel says.

“While a majority of our refrigerated trailers are standard models, these quad axles PBS trailers are specialised builds. With these PBS-approved trailers we get extra pallet space so we can carry larger than normal payloads per trip and improve transport efficiency.”

MaxiTRANS Maxi-CUBE Australian Made Trailers

Apart from quality and performance, the other reasons for Multiquip to stay with the Maxi-CUBE brand are pricing and customer support. Daniel admits that the latter is something the company considers particularly highly when looking to buy another new trailer. “Pricing is big for us and we feel with Maxi-CUBE trailers we pay for what we get, but customer service makes a huge difference. It’s one thing to buy a brand of something but if they don’t have the aftersales support then what’s the point!”

“With MaxiTRANS we’ve never had any major issue and the couple of minor issues we had in the past, their team got on to it straightaway and resolved it without causing any downtime for us. We always deal directly with MaxiTRANS’ NSW State Sales Manager, Glen Sharman, and he always manages to sort out everything for us. Another benefit with MaxiTRANS is they always have good stock and their Dealership is not very far from where we are in Sydney,” Daniel adds.