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Recognising the potential gains in productivity that could be achieved, Dwayne Hoyle, Manager of GSS Hoyle & Co, made the decision to sell the semi tipper in favour of a Lusty EMS road train combination. 

Recent infrastructure improvements, including upgrades to major routes into the Yorke Peninsula, have opened the door to larger combinations. While previous restrictions only allowed for the access of B-doubles up to 26 metres into the region, operators can now run road trains of up to 36.5 metres, operating under Higher Mass Limits. 

GSS Hoyle & Co has been a long-time customer of MaxiTRANS, a relationship that began almost a decade ago when his Dwayne’s father purchased his first trailer. 

Although this particular combination is not a Performance Based Standards application, it was MaxiTRANS’ expertise and leadership in this field that was the basis for GSS Hoyle & Co to approach the Company in search of a solution to meet its specific freight task.

We have permits to operate all around the peninsula and have been successful in obtaining access for the routes we have applied for. 

It means with the increased payloads our productivity is improved and traffic on local roads is reduced, a saving for every stakeholder.
Over the course of a day, GSS Hoyle & Co has the ability to cart up to 150 tonne more than was previously possible with the B-double and single combination.  The road train can complete up to seven trips a day. 

We believe in partnering to create tailored solutions that suit unique customer requirements, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

We first listen and understand a business’ requirements. 
We provide professional advice.

This allows our customers to make a more informed decision about what works for them. It’s one of the reasons why more customers are requesting MaxiTRANS’ assistance when it comes to creating solutions.

The key to this objective is a high payload road train with a low tare weight.    

The low tare weight Lusty EMS road train tipper combination    provides a payload gain of up to 150 tonne a day.
Each trailer in the set has a tare weight of just 6750kg. The weight saving is achieved via a lightweight, high tensile steel chassis, specifically designed to minimise tare weight, while still maintaining its strength and durability. 

“We have purchased five trailers from MaxiTRANS and have been very happy with the product. With the B-double we were achieving a payload of up to 43 tonne. We now carry up to 63 tonne across the 30-metre road train combination, operating under Higher Mass Limits with a tri-axle dolly, so we can get that extra tonnage”.

“MaxiTRANS has been able to optimise the design of the chassis to make these trailers lighter than previously,” says Dwayne.

Dwayne says of the Lusty EMS trailer “They are a great build quality and look great too. The trailers have a beautiful finish – we're really happy with the finished product. The people at MaxiTRANS have looked after us and we have had a really good run with our Lusty EMS trailers in the past. They have been very reliable, providing a great product with great service and really good dealer support.”