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Victorian grain operator Bill Fay has been working in the trucking industry for many decades. Although it wasn’t a planned decision to enter this sector, Bill has come a long way since buying his first truck in 1983. Coming from a farming background, Bill says it was a combination of both coincidence and need that he entered into transport operations.

Following humble beginnings, Bill’s grain transport business expanded its presence from Carranballac across regional Victoria. However, in recent years he has down-sized and his new company, Fay Grain, specialises in transport of grains, dairy and other niche goods for a range of clients across western regional Victoria.

Recently, Bill teamed up with MaxiTRANS to get a new Lusty EMS 34-ft Tip Over Axle Semi-Tipper for his business. Since the latest tipper was going to be used by one of his long-time drivers, Lionel Spaull, he made sure Lionel was involved in the ordering process. The new Lusty EMS Tip Over Axle Semi-Tipper was carefully crafted to Bill and Lionel’s specification in order to fulfil the precise requirements of their freight task.

It’s not the first time that Bill has used a Lusty EMS tipper. He has been relying on MaxiTRANS’ engineering expertise and quality for many years. Having also tried other makes over the years, Bill  prefers MaxiTRANS. “It was a decision driven by the quality of product as much as the people,” Bill says. “Having worked with other manufacturers for some of my other trailers, I was certain I needed to go back to the reliability and customer satisfaction offered by MaxiTRANS. Their trailers are built solid, tough on the road, easy to operate and require low maintenance. They are able to stand firm against regional Victorian roads that can offer rather tough driving conditions for both the driver and the vehicle.”

“The other reason we went to MaxiTRANS was for the people,” he says. “Over the years I have enjoyed good working relations with many experienced professionals in the trucking industry, including some of the good people at MaxiTRANS. We trust their products, and their people. It makes a huge difference to operators to have that assurance of reliability and efficiency.”

“It’s a solid single tipper,” Lionel says. “With its good differential suspension and excellent shock absorption, you wouldn’t know it’s there half the time. I have to do a lot of empty work on regional Victorian roads and this one keeps the weight well distributed.”

“It’s also a good-looking tipper with a simple design. It has a good proportionate body in painted aluminium which makes it easy to clean,” he says.