A Commitment Built on Trust

David Clark Director Symons Clark Logistics using Freighter Semi Trailers

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It was 75 years ago that the first Freighter trailer rolled onto the Australian roads. This remarkable success story is a testament of Freighter’s unwavering quality benchmark and reliable customer service. After all, its customers are the driving force behind Freighter’s successful journey in Australia. One such business is South Australia-based Symons Clark Logistics, currently managed by brothers David and Ricky Clark. We chat with David about what has made his company continue to commit to Freighter trailers 25 years after buying its first.

“Freighter has never given me any grief in 25 years. They have always accommodated in helping me achieve what I wish to achieve with my business needs. The quality that Freighter makes and the durability of these trailers is very good,” Symons Clark Logistics Director, David Clark says.

Symons Clark is one of the oldest transport and logistics businesses in South Australia, with its roots dating all the way back to 1875. Passing hands through several generations and families, the current business is operated by David and his son James Clark, and Ricky and his son Jason Clark. With a fleet of over 90 trucks and 176 trailers, the business provides transport, bulk haulage, container services, warehousing and distribution, and equipment hire across the South Australian market, along with transport services to major cities along the east coast.

Freighter Skeletal Trailers for container transportation


“The majority of our trailers are from MaxiTRANS, made up of Freighter, Hamelex White and Lusty EMS units. Our first trailer was a 40ft tri-axle Freighter trailer and we continued to buy the same model for some years to cart shipping containers. Once B-Doubles came in the market, we started buying those sets and now we buy Road Trains and AB-triples. We also have Road Train Dollies, 20ft Tipping Skels and tri-axle tippers. We have ordered three new Stag sets of B-doubles from MaxiTRANS that are coming later this year,” David says.

“Most of our trailers and equipment are standard models, however, we do have some custom-built Freighters in our fleet, with features such as longer tipper bodies on the A-trailers, tri-axle tipper racks, and a custom-built Sliding Tipping Skel that we bought around seven years ago and are still using.

Skel Trailers from Freighter for Symons Clark Logistics


“The design of Freighter trailers is 100 percent productive. Our trailers are in use every day, they do a lot of work but they don’t wear out. They are very robust and a very good product. I’ve never really had any issues with Freighter trailers, which is the reason I continue to buy these products. Although I always chase quality over price but I have to say that these trailers are a good price too.”

“Since the initial days of our link with Freighter we have not had any problem with their sales or customer service. Their Area Sales Manager Gary Lines, as well as Mike Baas and Petros Skondras in the workshop are 100 percent committed to the product and to Symons Clark. They’re very accommodating in helping me design something specific and to get things through,” David adds.

Freighter Skel trailers transporting containers in South Australia


“I go with quality, experience and service and how people look after my business so I’m not one to change. I’m a bit of a creature of habit and when I know I’m being looked after, I’m totally committed towards them as they are to me. That’s what draws me to Freighter. They look after me.”