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De Campo Transport Freighter Trailers

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It has been 75 years since the first Freighter products rolled onto Australian roads. On this anniversary year we talk to one of Freighter’s long-time customers, Wade De Campo, Owner & MD of Western Australia based De Campo Transport. Wade explains how sticking with the Freighter brand through more than two decades has helped him run a quality and trusting fleet.

De Campo Transport is a second-generation Australian family-owned and operated transportation business. With its main depot in Pemberton, WA, the business specialises in cartage of fresh produce and frozen foods to many parts of the country. It also operates warehousing and distribution within the southwest corridor of WA.

After joining the business 28 years ago current Owner and Managing Director, Wade De Campo, eventually took over the reins of the family-oriented business from his father, Brian De Campo.

“They used to have a farm and decided to cart some of their own products including vegetables and cattle. Expanding from there we have been in business for over 40 years,” Wade says. Assisting him today are his parents Brian and Kerry De Campo, his brother Glenn De Campo, who manages the interstate logistics division, Wade’s son Mitchell De Campo, who is the fleet controller, and a staff of over 30, including 17 full-time drivers. “I have built a long-term relationship with MaxiTRANS over the years. I’m a firm believer of building long-term business relationships. If I have any issues with any vehicle they can resolve it quickly, which I’ve found very handy over the last 28 years. I love both MaxiTRANS & the Freighter brand,” Wade says.

Freighter attributes its long and successful 75 year history to its loyal customers, some of whom, like Wade, have been with the brand for decades. It is this support that has helped build the legacy that Freighter continues to pride itself on today.

De Campo Transport Pemberton WA


“When I joined the business 28 years ago we had the original Freighter Flat Deck trailer. We developed a trusting relationship with the Freighter dealer in WA at the time – G&A Lombardi Pty Ltd and Peter Lombardi – and over the years we’ve stuck with Freighter.

“I really like the Freighter product. It gives me peace of mind to know that they are reliable and last the test of time. What’s more, they have good weight distribution and great stability, which means freight arrives the way it should at its destination.”

De Campo Transport recently took possession of three new 45ft Freighter Flat Tops following the addition of two new drop deck B-train Tautliners. The Flat Top models were purchased for specific haulage needs so there were some custom specifications added. Meanwhile, the Tautliners were stock units purchased through G&A Lombardi. “We didn’t ask for any change in the Tautliners. To be honest, the Freighter models straight out of the factory are top-class and you couldn’t beat it with anything else,” Wade adds.

Freighter Trailer Road Train Tautliner combination


“We use MaxiTRANS for service and post-delivery work. We trust them. It has been a rewarding experience working with them. There have not been any issues related to warranty or design that we’ve not been able to resolve over the years. And if there was an issue, we would just work through them rather than move between brands. The important thing about MaxiTRANS is that they develop a tough product. I’ve never had any frame issues. They are very sturdy trailers.”

Although there are challenges every day, Wade admits one of the most rewarding aspects of running his own transport business is the feeling every morning of going into your own business and having the ability to provide a service that counts to somebody, and have a family-oriented business that expands to our employees. Adding, “It helps when you have a dependable fleet to back your passion and performance. MaxiTRANS make sure that their products do just that for their customers.”