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Plywood is heavy and can crumble, leaving a mess in the van, so as the years have passed, people have turned to corflute instead. Since it is more expensive, people look after it more and do not want it left behind, so MaxiTRANS engineers came up with a system to store the corflute under the trailer. 

It means it can be kept under lock and key when not in use. Many other operators store the corflute inside the refrigerated van, but that takes up space.

We believe in partnering to create tailored solutions that suit unique customer requirements, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

We first listen and understand a business’ requirements.  We provide professional advice.

This allows our customers to make a more informed decision about what works for them. It’s one of the reasons why more customers are requesting MaxiTRANS’ assistance when it comes to creating solutions.

As Bradco Transport carries general freight on its return trips to Innisfail, Ken Bradley (Owner) was finding his sheets of corflute were often left behind, creating an added expense.

While many fresh produce transporters once used plywood between pallets to prevent the products from rubbing or bruising, many operators are now turning to sheets of corflute instead.

Our goal was to create a storage solution to avoid corflute being left behind after a delivery.

MaxiTRANS came up with a simple, yet innovative solution; designing a double loader corflute storage system.

“I’m very confident in the reliability of the Maxi-CUBE van,” Ken says.
Ken adds that when his vans are loaded with general freight, he prefers not to have the corflute inside the van. “This allows us to store it under the trailer. When we load with small parcels, the corflute would typically be taken out, and often we wouldn't get them back, so that was a costly exercise.”