Moving Floor

The Lusty EMS Moving Floor system is exactly that, a floor that moves.

Eliminating the need to tip, it increases operator safety while providing the capability of discharging the trailer content in environments where it would normally not be safe to raise a tipper, including bridges and power lines.

The Lusty EMS Moving Floor trailer is constructed to carry bulk products such as: wood chip/mulch, wood saw-dust and farming products such as corn and grains.

All backed by MaxiTRANS’ national trailer, parts and service dealer network.

Key Specifications (nominal)

•    Length range: 13700mm up to 14600mm
•    Body height up to 2700mm
•    Cubic capacities range: ~87.4m3 up to ~93.3m3
•    Compensating rocker landing feet
•    Side hinged barn doors to rear
•    Configurable to suit low density bulk applications
•    Performance-based Standard (PBS) configurations available
•    2 year manufacturer’s warranty
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