Tipping Skel

One option is the Freighter Sliding Tipping Skel (Tipping Skeletal Trailer). When on the road, the sliding chassis mechanism is fully extended to optimise axle load distribution and maximise payload.

When unloading, the driver applies the truck brakes, releases the slider lock pins and reverses the truck to bring the container to the rear of the tri-axle suspension for unloading.

Freighter can also supply Tip Over Axle style tipping skel trailers, depending on your specification requirements and application.

All Freighter tipping skel trailers are backed by MaxiTRANS’ national trailer, parts and service dealer network.

Key Specifications (nominal)

  • Designed to suit 9’6ft height containers
  • Rocker foot landing legs
  • Swinging tyre carrier
  • Auto slack adjusters
  • Configuration: 20ft or 40ft lengths in Chassis Tip or Tip Over Axle (TOA) configuration. Available in Single, B-Double and Road Train combinations
  • Performance-based Standard (PBS) configurations available 
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty