Flex Side Tipper Trailer

The AZMEB Flex Side Tipper trailer is highly productive, unloading quickly thanks to a single double acting hydraulic cylinder at each end of the bowl, plus large capacity hydraulic hoses and valves. It unloads fast, and can uniquely tip partial loads, just like a bucket loader.

A welded “one piece” high tensile steel body and the simplicity of having no side door, hinges or locks, ensure that the unit is also very reliable. There is no door to creep open and no hinges to jam or service.

The unit is leakproof thanks to its unique door-less construction and operating method, which create a bath-type bowl that prevents leakage. The flex tipping action also assists in breaking up congealed or gelatinous loads, making them easier to tip.

Main Applications: Carting of sensitive materials that require a leak-proof tub

All AZMEB Flex Side Tipper trailers are backed by MaxiTRANS’ national trailer dealer and service network.

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Key Specifications (nominal)

  • Overall height range: 2,900mm up  to 3,400mm
  • Cubic capacities range: 18m3 up to 23m³

Various dimensions are available upon request

  • HDPE wear pads to chassis
  • Steel or aluminium body construction
  • Fully sealed wiring harness
  • Compensating rocker landing feet
  • Available in Single, B-Double and Road Train combinations
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

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