Flex Side Tipper Trailer

The AZMEB  flex side tipper trailer is built for reliability

  • Unloads quickly even when on the move
  • A welded one piece steel body and the simplicity of having no side door, hinges or locks, ensure reliability
  • The unit is leakproof thanks to its unique door-less construction and operating method
  • The bowl floor is made in one piece from a 450 grade wear plate, thus increasing its strength and eliminating the need for cross members
  • The simplistic body design and a reduced number of moving parts contribute to increased reliability, ease of maintenance and an overall lower tare weight
  • A single double acting hydraulic cylinder at each end of the bowl together with high capacity valves and hoses ensures fast and efficient tipping.

Available in rigid, lead, tag and road train configurations.

All AZMEB flex side tipper trailers are backed by MaxiTRANS’ national trailer, parts and service dealer network.

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